Building on the idea of ​​a modern urban-style civilization, Hado Centrosa Garden is a luxurious and classy space where you and your family can enjoy peace of mind. Comfortable and comfortable after a busy day.


Located on the front side of the Ba Thanh Street. District 10. The Project’s Location surrounded many important and unique in the City Center, Ha Do Centroá Gard got itself a perfect spot in the middle of the crowded area of the Ho Chi Minh City. that surrounded by Multi International Utilities like Hospital , School, Restaurant etc.


At Ha Do Centrosa Garden, everything are fully equipped and ready to bring a wonderfu and luxury  lifestyle to the Citizen of Ha Do Centrosa Garden along with the Supermarket, shopping mall, inside utilities with the Swimming Pool attached with a beautiful City View, Tennis court, and Library for those who want to find peace by reading book.

Especially with the Green Designed with 21 Garden located here and there inside  Ha Do Centrosa Garden, created a peaceful and beautiful living space and closed to Nature for the Citizen of Ha Do Centrosa Garden


  • Developer : Ha Do Group
  • Total Site Area : 6,85 Hecta
  • Total Unit : 667 Units
  • Tower : 8 Towers
  • Price per Square Meter : $4000/sqm

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